Frequently Asked Questions

tyler-davidson-fountainWho do you represent in the closing?

Oxford Title is happy to meet with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents upon appointment, but we cannot advise you in negotiations.

Why do I need owner’s title insurance?

Title insurance adds security and peace of mind to buying a home.  It is a one-time purchase that protects you for the life of the property.

What is an owner’s policy of title insurance?

It is a policy that protects you, the homeowner, from any financial loss that may occur due to claims against your ownership of the property or any other of the numerous covered claims offered by an Owner’s Title Policy.

What is the cost of title owner’s insurance?

Title insurance premiums are governed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and are based upon the purchase price of the property.  Click here for to calculate current Ohio title insurance rates.

What is a conveyance fee?

The seller is required to pay the conveyance fee as stated in the standard purchase contract.  It is the fee charged by the county auditor to transfer the property into the new owner’s name.

What about my lines of credit?

When selling your home every mortgage or lien has to be paid in full and terminated at closing.  Lines of credit, even if unused, count as open liens against your property.  The documents that we receive from the bank or lien holder detailing the amount due and where to send the funds are called ‘payoff statements’ or ‘payoffs’. We need lender contact info and the loan numbers for these liens so that we can obtain these payoffs.

Can I write a personal check at closing?

Ohio’s “Good Funds” law requires that any aggregate amount in excess of $1,000 must be wired to Oxford Title prior to closing.  If the amount required at closing is less than $1000 then a personal check is an acceptable form of payment.

Is there anything I need to bring or do prior to the closing?

  • Please remember to bring a current photo ID to the closing.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend a closing and/or require a Power of Attorney; please note that a separate signing fee of $125 may apply.
  • If you would like to review your closing documentation prior to the closing please notify us in advance.
  • Ohio is a dower state; all spouses have to release dower or execute mortgages and deeds; see Ohio Revised Code 2103.02  for more information.

How do I get started?

You can place a title order by sending a contract and any details pertaining to the contract to or by placing an order online; one of our title agents will contact you shortly after receipt.