Ohio Estimated Net Proceeds Calculator


Oxford Title Agency’s Ohio Net Proceeds Calculator allows you to estimate how much money you will be receiving from the sale of your property. Buyers can also use this page to calculate owner’s title insurance costs.

Please note that other fees and credits may increase or decrease the bottom line including:

  • Credits or price reductions due to inspection results;
  • Closing costs credited to the buyer from the seller;
  • Pro-ration of real estate taxes and homeowner’s association dues and assessments;

Estimated Net Seller Proceeds Calculator

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Net Seller Proceeds


* Varies by County
Note: This estimate does not reflect the buyer’s fees.

Disclaimer: Oxford Title Agency, Inc. provides this estimate as a complimentary service. The information reflects an estimate of charges that the sellers are likely to incur at the sale of their property. The fees and any proceeds are only an estimate and should not be construed as a commitment by Oxford Title Agency, Inc. For further information, please contact Oxford Title Agency, Inc.